Montclair attorney, Bonnie Jerbasi, has written a book to help men and women understand, prepare for, and survive the downside of divorce. “You Don’t Have to Sell the Farm to Get Rid of the Jackass! A Primer on How to Divorce without Remorse” cuts through the confusing world of family law and gives the reader an insider’s view on how to navigate divorce with dignity and without draining the bank account.

Jerbasi has drawn upon more than 25 years in the legal profession and her own personal journeys through divorce when writing this practical book on the subject. For those who are contemplating divorce, in the midst of divorce, or embroiled in postjudgment proceedings, Jerbasi’s book sheds light on the workings of the legal profession and provides the knowledge and tools needed to get through the divorce process with confidence, less stress, and a good idea of what to expect.

“Knowledge is the key that helps people successfully navigate difficult life events, such as divorce,” notes Jerbasi. “The more information people have about a process, the better chance they will have to make it to the other side in one piece. For most people, knowing the inside story of the divorce process is a tremendous advantage.”

Written in simple, straightforward language, the book covers things like how to choose the perfect attorney, how to keep control of your own case and budget, and how to keep a sane perspective while your relationship ends and your family structure changes so you can move forward gracefully into your new life.

You Don’t Have to Sell the Farm to Get Rid of the Jackass! A Primer on How to Divorce without Remorse was published by Woodpecker Press, Bayville, New Jersey. It is available in print on and is soon to be out in e-book format as well.

Bonnie Jerbasi, Esq., owns House Call Attorneys in Montclair, New Jersey, specializing in family law, mediation, and civil litigation. With a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Juris Doctor in law, it was inevitable that she would share her insight and experience on divorce in this easy-to-read book.

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