As a specially trained Court Approved R. 1:40 Family Law Mediator, Bonnie Jerbasi can meet with couples and act as mediator for the issues that need to be resolved in order to get divorced.  In addition, mediation can be used for post-judgment issues and for relocation cases.


The following are some of the benefits of mediation:

Cost Effective: Mediation is a less expensive method of resolving divorce, effectuating a dissolution of a civil union or domestic partnership or handling other family law issues. Unlike litigation, decisions are made by the parties for the best interest of the family and it encourages communication and decision-making between spouses. The mediator will assist you in maintaining a constructive dialogue in order to accelerate the resolution of issues. By reducing the cost of a divorce, mediation preserves more of the marital assets for the parties and their children once the divorce is final.

Efficient: Resolution and finality can be achieved far more quickly through mediation. The family courts in New Jersey are overburdened and a litigated divorce can take several years to be completed. Moreover, the New Jersey courts will require you to discuss the option of divorce mediation with your spouse and in some cases refer you to Court ordered mediation.

Confidential: New Jersey law protects all settlement discussions in mediation as absolutely confidential. Mediation allows the parties to openly consider options without fear that their statements might be used against them later in court.

Self-Determination: Litigation leaves the divorce or dissolution process in the hands of a family court judge.  Mediation lets the couple retain the power over their futures and make arrangements that best suit the family unit’s needs. In mediation, spouses or co-parents make their own choices about their family’s future by making a parenting plan, arranging for support, dividing property, and assigning debts.

Child-Focused Resolution: Mediation allows parents to decide what is best for the children. Together, arrangements for child custody, child support, and a parenting plan are set forth, keeping the best interests of the children in mind.


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