On September 10, 2014, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed a bill which impacts alimony.

In honor of the David Letterman Late Show segment, the “Top Ten List”- here is the countdown of things to know about the bill:

#10. If you cohabit, you lose your alimony
#9. If you pay alimony and your income changes you can have the payments modified
#8. If you retire when the government says you can, you can stop paying alimony or at least modify it
#7. If you want to retire early, you will need to show you are doing so reasonably and in good faith
#6. If you have an old alimony Order (pre-bill) there are guidelines about how you can modify it
#5. There is no more permanent alimony
#4. There is open durational alimony
#3. There are guidelines about the duration of such open durational alimony
#2. The bill is not retroactive…

and the #1 thing to know about the NJ Alimony bill is…

Alimony law in New Jersey is still a conundrum that will keep lawyers busy for years!