Collaborative Law

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Collaborative Divorce is a quicker, less stressful and more affordable option than the traditional process of litigating a divorce or dissolution.  It is a process that helps couples reach a fair settlement and parenting plan without litigation. 

The spouses control the process, with the assistance of cooperative counsel.  The focus is mutual agreement on key aspects of the family's future.  Rather than spending family assets on protracted discovery, motion practice and court appearances, the parties and their attorneys work together cooperatively, which helps to resolve disputes in a dignified, productive manner.

How a Collaborative Divorce Works

Collaborative divorce includes a “no-court” pledge; if the parties can’t agree, the collaborative law attorneys withdraw from the matter. 
There is open communication and information sharing; both spouses agree to provide all relevant documents and information. 
Reaching a resolution that meets the essential needs of both spouses and their children is a priority during a collaborative divorce.

The Advantages of a Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is an excellent alternative to contested divorce because it provides a positive atmosphere for settlement in which the parties retain control of the process. There is a level playing field where neither party is disadvantaged by a lack of funds for legal fees.

Finalizing a Collaborative Divorce

Once both parties reach a mutually agreeable settlement, the attorneys draft legally binding documents, which are then submitted to the Court. These documents typically include a Complaint for Divorce, a signed Property Settlement Agreement and a Final Judgment of Divorce.

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