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Bonnie Jerbasi, Esq, has practiced law since 1986. Bonnie has experience with family law, civil litigation and more.


Divorce mediation allows both parties to resolve the divorce and create a manageable solution without litigation.


Collaborative Divorce is a process that helps couples reach a fair settlement without litigation.


Are you housebound, time-starved, without transportation or childcare? We make house calls.

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    If you or someone you know is contemplating divorce or in the middle of a divorce or post judgment battle, you need to read my book, You Don’t Have to Sell the Farm to Get Rid of the Jackass. BOOK SIGNING...

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Finally, a book that cuts through the confusing world of family law and gives you an insider’s view on how to navigate your divorce with dignity and without draining your bank account. For those who are contemplating divorce, in the midst of a divorce, or embroiled in postjudgment proceedings, this book will open your eyes to the workings of the legal profession and arm you with the tools you need to survive—even thrive—during this difficult time. CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW